Prayas is supporting deserving and needy students at different levels of education, and in different parts of India. Before Prayas began supporting them, most of these students were on the verge of abandoning their education due to lack of finances or adverse family circumstances. Some examples are described below. While names of the students have been changed to protect their identities, all other details are factual.

Prashant's father is a street hawker who could not afford to educate his five children. With Prayas's continuous support from IX grade onward Prashant has completed his bachelor's degree in commerce and is on his way to become a chartered accountant. He is doing a job and supporting his family. Prashant has also become a Prayas volunteer and mentors other students now.

Jyoti's father passed away when she was in VIII grade. Barely able to run the family of three by stitching clothes at home, her mother wanted to pull her out of school. Prayas stepped in and took responsibility of Jyoti's and her younger brother's education. Jyoti is now doing bachelor of science degree in University of Delhi, and her brother is studying in grade IX.

Karan's poor father was not in favor of his studying beyond grade XII. With Prayas's support and mentoring Karan has become an engineer, is doing a good job and supporting his family.

Rashmi is currently studying in VII grade in a village in Haryana. The only source of income for her family was the tire-puncture-repair shop her father ran in the village. An unfortunate accident left her father unable to work ever again, and the family was facing severe financial hardship. However, Rashmi and her parents valued the importance of education. So they approached a Prayas volunteer with request for support. Prayas now covers the cost of her school fees, books, uniforms, and other study related expenses.

Smriti and Aparna lost their father several years back, and then their mother to cancer, rendering continuation of their studies impossible. With several years of support from Prayas, both sisters have attained bachelor's degrees and are pursuing chartered accountant course. One sister topped in Delhi in one subject of that course.